Nunca escribo sola, El es mi inspiración y mi compañía

Victoria Arias

My voice, my words and my testimony #365mujeresdeverdad

Mujer de verdad día 8, Nombre: Tee Barbour País: USA

First giving honor to the Lord who is the head of my life and who is also the author and

finisher of my faith. I also want to give honor to my loving husband who is always

supporting me in all that I do. I bring you greetings in the name of Jesus.

Truly I feel blessed and privileged to have been asked to share my testimony with you.

My dear sister in the Lord 365notasdeamor specifically asked me and I was rather

surprised I must say, but grateful to say the least.

I was spiritually born August 12, 1988 from a nice size C.O.G.I.C (church of God in

Christ) church. My first experience in this church was amazing. I never saw so many

youths my age at that time worship the Lord and speaking in tongues in one place. You

see, I’ve been in church my entire life from birth. But, this was the first time I

experienced having a relationship with him for myself. Amazingly, I was never forced to go to church, as my mother was not an avid church goer, so I could’ve stayed home

with her on the days that she was not working. But, even as a very small child, I always

felt compelled to be in church, not realizing what I had learned after coming to this

church. I experienced a strong urge to want to know more about God and what it meant to have a relationship with God for myself and not to please man. Hmmm, I’ll never forget my first day visiting the church and how I got to know about the church. I was dating this boy who later in life has now become a pastor/bishop of two churches.

However, in this season, we were just kids in love and chatting on the phone like

teenagers do. Then suddenly right in the middle of the conversation he asked the big

question. “Do you want to go to church?” Do you want to get saved?” Me, I really wasn’t

putting much thought into it, I just wanted to go to church because of a boy. So, I’m sure you know my follow up response to him, was; “yes,” to both questions. I wasn’t driving yet and neither was he, so we arranged for me to get to church by one of the mother’s in the church that lived near my area at the time. Wow! To this day, I still remember her voice and have a chuckle. Back in those days the mother’s in the church, were discerning, anointed, praying and no nonsense women. They truly set the example for us upcoming women in how we should conduct ourselves as believers and as women in church and outside of church.

So, when this mother came to pick me up for church one Sunday morning, the first thing she said as I got into her car was; “Don’t be going to church for some boy”. Oh, my gosh, I thought my heart was going to drop into my stomach. How could she have possibly known that about me? That’s exactly what I was doing, but, I wasn’t going to tell her that. The mother went on to let me know, about the importance of going to church for myself to get all I can get from the Lord because I love him. On that Sunday morning I felt like I had already had church service before even getting there. Conviction sure set in quick. I didn’t know that it was conviction then, but, I know I felt bad when she was through with me on the way to church. So, I sang a different song by the time I got in the church. I straightened up and decided I better learn more about God. By the time, we got to church, I saw all the youths around my age just prostrating, on their knees, sitting down with their bibles opened really trying to learn more about God and how to draw closer to him. I was in Awe when I saw this with my own eyes. For some reason, a sense of peace came over me and I felt like I was at home. All the many years of being in church, this church taught me more than I could ever have imagined. This is when my journey began.

Now 28 years later, I am a Minister/Evangelist. I sing and compose gospel music, and I

write poetry. I have made some bad choices along the way not stopping to listen to God and pay attention to his voice. I have learned some hard lessons on why we must

always stay humble in all that we do. I thank God for the love and support of my spiritual family who has been there over the years to help keep me grounded and focused on the bigger plan and that is to strive to do the perfect will of God. One of my spiritual sisters who is a pastor, always told me; “knocked down but, not out”. When you get knocked down by life’s experiences, you’re not out. If you are still above ground, you can still get back up. Trust God and don’t lean to your own understanding and don’t let the influence of man cloud your vision for God’s destiny for your life. Just because life’s experiences and set backs have occurred and they will, that does not determine your future. If anything, you can use those experiences and setbacks as destiny helpers along your journey to motivate you to be even more determined as an overcomer through Christ Jesus. Placing yourself around people who share the same drive or better is always encouraged. After all, proverb 27:17 Iron sharpens Iron. Who you have around you can determine how much more you can become sharpened.

You should want it, and be determined no matter what the situation appears to be in the natural, but, have faith to believe that it will happen. (Hebrews 11:1) Now Faith is the substance of the things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Do you have Faith? Well, don’t give up. We all have a purpose and we’re are not in a competition with each other on the contrary of popular beliefs. We’re all striving for the same purpose and that’s to win souls for Christ and make heaven our home.

Although, my journey continues I thank God for what he has done for me and where he

has brought me from. My desire is to please the Lord and share his love with the world. I have always said, that if I could make the difference in just one person’s life, then, I am grateful. Because, truthfully, had it not been for Jesus in my life, I would not have the mind that I have today nor a desire to want to keep pushing forward. I thank God for my mother never discouraging me from going to church and always there to support me. I love my mother and appreciate her. For everyone who had a place in my life, I thank God for them, because, I learned